yunho/jaejoong fanfiction recommendation

I adore fluff, it helps me ease my mind. But I don't mind reading other genres.
These are some works of many writer I have read, they are just simply wonderful. Some of them left an unexplainable feeling while some can simply lighten you day. I hope you find this recommendation list helpful

p.s. I never thought it would be this long.

+ might add other stuffs from time to time
and if you have any recommendation you can comment it here because I will never getting tired of finding new writing!

(all stories are completed unless stated otherwise)


ashes, ashes by yunho
In his darkest hour, facing ultimate despair and uncertainty, Jung Yunho abandons his attempt to end his life to instead prevent another would-be suicide. The man he saves, Jaejoong, claims he's an angel sent to help Yunho and vows to stick by Yunho's side and help him recover everything he's lost. What happens after their fortuitous meeting is a journey about finding and accepting himself, something Yunho, until now, has feared. Loosely based on the 2005 French film, Angel-A.

Baby Love by fanficaddiction
Jaejoong's the school's outcast. Despite being incomparably beautiful, he's a nerd and one hundred percent gay. That doesn't bode well for him in a high school that's run by jocks and their cheerleader girlfriends. Yunho's a jock who's taken part in poking fun at the teen without worries. Now, paired together in their third year for the traditional Baby Love lesson, they will learn to tolerate each other or fail the lesson. At the end of the year, who will pass, who will fail, and does anyone decide to keep the baby?

Beseeching Love by natasharomanoff
A twisted love story between a cruel emperor and his vengeful consort.

Damaged by aquariuslover
On a cold winter’s day he cast their love away for the sake of his family.  The following autumn an act of vengeance left their love beyond the reaches of forgiveness.  Two summers later a fan’s anger and the ultimate act of self-sacrifice would redefine everything they knew about love, pride, selfishness, and forgiveness.

Fragile Essence by aquariuslover (ongoing)
Jaejoong, the half Korean child nobody wanted, and Yunho, the beloved golden son of a town, form an unlikely bond; one that is forever evolving through the passing years as it is repeatedly tested by love, loss, and fire. This is part one of their story.

Full circle by deathbyaccident
For Jae Joong, it all started when he found a son. For Yunho, it all started when he lost his. The question is, what the ending will be for both.

Jaejoong's lyrics by love_cassiopeia
Jaejoong - a poor yet talented musician with an impossible dream. Yunho - an educated SM producer who had the power to make Jaejoong’s unreal dream come true. They needed each other to succeed, and they were delighted they had met that magical day. But, will love get in the way of dreams? Will the two be captured by love rather than work? Only his song will tell.

N.B.S.B by synce18
Kim Jaejoong was 23 years old and has had no boyfriend since birth. Enter Jung Yunho and an offer he can't refuse.
link to the epilogue of the story, you can find all the links to every chapter there

Non Compos Mentis by nana_manata (deleted)
One man: Cornered, Unsure, Attached. Another Man: Opinionated, Snide, Caring. One boy: Sightless, Soundless, Trusting. Together, they walk the line between forever and...
I know that this story was deleted by the author but I want to put it on this rec anyway, in case you found it by accident (rare opportunity but who knows?). It left me with a hanging feeling for days.

Sleeping Beauty by beeswaxing
Jaejoong just wants somewhere to call home again. Living by himself is really not as great as his sisters made it out to be and he yearns to be around people again. He misses the hustle and bustle and even the crying babies that make up his parents’ household but he’s too proud and stubborn to return. He is nineteen after all and fully capable of living his own life away from his ridiculously large family. Enter a tiny little girl who captures Jaejoong’s heart in an instant and he finds himself with a family…of sorts. And for a sheltered, very well-loved boy, complicated doesn’t even begin to describe his life from the moment the tearful baby crawls into his lap looking for comfort.

Tales of Another Broken Home by hattukissa
Yunho and Jaejoong both run away from home for different reasons.

The Valentine Project by yukimiya87
What if you wake-up one day and find yourself chained to a stranger?

To: The City of Love by magalix3
Jaejoong wasn’t dressed for the wedding. But then again, he hadn’t been invited.

torpedo by kingheechul (+occasional verse here)
Being a fansite master is hard as much as it's fun. And as crazy as it sounds, Jaejoong quit his job two years ago to focus on managing a fansite for the most popular duo in the country, The Punstars.

Translucent by boogeeg (ongoing)
Jaejoong sees things that nobody else can, but this doesn’t make him feel special at all. He lives all alone, scared of everything and hated by everyone. Now, with his 17 years old he finds himself obligated to keep up with someone he actually wants to be as away as possible but change his mind once he notices that this guy can actually heal him somehow of his unreal sickness



______ by abeyence
yunho thinks he’s crazy when jaejoong fades away

A Little [Love]Sick by yunho
Yunho is in love. Jaejoong is stunning and perfect and all things beautiful, he is he is he is. Joongie is, and for Yunho, Joongie is his.

And it’s like a tragic love story all over again (definitely, maybe) by konnistique
As long as Jaejoong sings, Yunho can keep on breaking—breaking so his heart can keep bleeding love for him.

And We Were Dying From the Start by rah_rah_ramen
Jaejoong (dead) accompanies the dying so they won't be alone. His only struggle is never getting attached.

Apartment 1509 / Pause, Play, Rewind Forward by countingcarbs
love is love is love.

At the End of Forever by orionsroad
Forever is just a pretty word in romance books, and eternity means watching everyone around you die.

Beauty on Paper by shizukanai
Being the 'little assistant' of a famous make-up artist who also happens to be his mother,Yunho knows many tricks to emphasize one's beauty and also how to capture it on paper with a few strokes of his Faber-Castell pencil.But when he meets singer-slash-actor Kim Jaejoong,Yunho realizes that some people's beauty just can't be captured no matter how hard he tries.

Business Proposal by mearii87
The sales at Yunho’s restaurant are slipping and he has a horrible feeling that it’s the fault of a new establishment that’s just opened across the street: a cozy, home-like establishment with an angel for an owner that he doesn’t have a crush on, no matter what Junsu says.

Chemistry by little_passions
No one was supposed to have crushes on dorky teachers with ugly sweaters, but unfortunately, some people did.

Choux Pastry Heart by quirke
Jaejoong wakes up one morning and forgets how to read.

Crazy Love by yunhore
there’s a way that Jaejoong looks at Yunho

Defect by sweetballads
Jaejoong is a robot declared broken beyond repair. When his old owner gets rid of him, Yunho finds him.

Destiny Befallen by u_knowiloveyou
they are separated by time

Doll House by krisooh
JaeJoong's a walking, talking doll, and Yunho's a human puppet.

Elusive little thing by chocolick
Kim Jaejoong has lost his heart, no, really he literally has lost it and he is searching around to find who exactly took it

Eyes On You by little_passions
People deal with their crushes in different ways.

falsetto by u_knowiloveyou

jaejoong is tone deaf

Fan servicing by yunhore

there’s a fine line between fan service and reality. Yunho and Jaejoong blur this fine line very conveniently.

Handsome and Gentle by isamijae

While looking for Jaejoong in the woods, Yunho discovers things about his boyfriend that make him view their relationship in a new light. Includes 11 coloured illustrations.

Happiness is a warm gun by 52016y
Thinking back on his life, he didn’t gain any depth. He is not the main character of his life. Yunho-centric.

He was by yoomaydakaynay
Yunho remembers Jaejoong from their trainee days. He finds that what Jaejoong was to him then is nothing compared to what he is to him now.

Hit 14 by hipslip
five times jaejoong tries to kill yunho.

Honey Butter Chips by yunnieberry
You can meet the love of your life in the strangest situations sometimes. Yunho finds that his way was a little stranger than others.

if/or by blurmeese
N-n-no, Jaejoong is afraid, afraid, Jaejoong is

In the Winter, Two Warm Hearts by minwhore
Sometimes, it’s better not to assume things. Miscommunication can only follow. A high school story about falling in love, with a sprinkle of misunderstandings on the side.

Incubus by queen_sabriel
Jaejoong is horny to the point of desperate. Yoochun suggests summoning an Incubus.

Irreversible by tvfxq
Jae Joong finds a mysterious tunnel which leads him to a world he hadn’t known existed.

Jaejoong, the liar by yuki_3
Jaejoong’s natural habit is lying.

Love Glows Red by shriya_4
A world where people are born with their heart in their hands.

Lux Æterna by mikkyboom
"and i will follow you (he says) until the sky falls down. the room starts to rumble."

Memento Mori by bloodredrosez
An unexpected reminder of mortality changes the boundaries of their entire world.

Mirrorside by lunacrescent
AU. There was a full-length mirror left behind by the apartment's previous occupant when Yunho moved in.

Monopoly by daemon_angelus
always a one-sided game with us

Naked Love by beecassiopeia
“When you photograph people in color, you photograph their clothes. But when you photograph people in Black and white, you photograph their souls!” ― Ted Grant

No Strings Attached by atriums
They've become consumed by their torrid affair.

Of Pretty Boys And Paradoxes by sugarfrosting
Jaejoong is a paradox: : school shirt always half untucked, first three buttons always undone, yet hair never less than immaculately styled

Of trains and kaleidoscope chances by the_idpsycho
A person can choose two plans of actions—to alight or to stay in the train.

Paradoxical by kujo_arisa
Jaejoong jumps through the waves of time, and creates a dimension wherein he encounters Jung Yunho at different reveries of his life.

Press '1' For The Love of Your Life by countingcr0ws
Yunho wakes up to a stranger desperately calling him "Yoochun" while blubbering about a cheating ex-boyfriend, a broken handphone and the vomit all over his front. Yunho obviously swoops in to save the day.

Prometheus by countingcr0ws
After a whole lot of roundabout, Yunho finally gathers his guts to do something.

Que tombent les masques; Masquerade by unknowntibidip
Love can be scary for all the things it implies. So for Jaejoong and Yunho, it took them three encounters during three big events, plus a legend, to finally being able to completely unveil themselves and take off their masks.

Realizations by daynah_bo
You never knew love until you had met him...

Safe Keeping by magalix3
The demon knows more about Jaejoong’s heart than he should.

Sounds like love by loveclouds
jaejoong's tired of plugging headphones into his heart and hearing nothing but static.

Stardust from Yesterday by pikasu
There is something a little off about Jaejoong that draws Yunho towards him. Jaejoong's eyes are lost, and Yunho wants to find them. But will he lose himself before that happens instead?

Sunny Otaku by quirke
Sometimes for the right time to come around, all you have to do is wait.

Synapse by pikasu
Jaejoong could hear little voices at the back of his head when he was young, though he dismisses them as something normal, it didn't fade away when he grew older. Soon, Jaejoong finds himself trying to reach the voice, and discovers something so much more...

That darn dating app by still_doll_15
What the hell is Tinder anyway?

The Devil You Know by dutsada
At the funeral of his mother, he has set eyes upon a young beauty like no other. To what lengths would the unsociable bloodstain analysts go to just to see the boy again.

The Prophet by mcarol85
Was Kim Jaejoong gifted?

The Quiet World by pikasu
Jaejoong, halfway through moving to his new home, passes through a tunnel when his parents aren't looking, and stumbles upon something unexpected.

these worlds we chose to leave (the one where yunho goes to hogwarts and jaejoong is a muggle) by justblind
Yunho has a best friend, a skinny mop-headed boy with too-wide eyes named Jaejoong. And Jaejoong is a muggle.

Til I hear you sing by spokes_man
Kim Jaejoong, young korean music talent, gets accepted into one of the most prestigious music universities of the world. There, apart from mastering his techniques, he'll have to deal with a special someone, Jung Yunho, who is a musical prodigy and a walking enigma too. Wanting to learn this prodigy's secrets, addicted to his music and wishing to achieve his own dreams, Jaejoong fights day by day in the country considered the world's capital of classical music: Austria.

Timeless and True by em_rose483
Jaejoong and Yunho have a timeless love, a true love.

Unknow by 0kiwi0 / 5 Times Jung Yunho Stares at Kim Jaejoong by mearii87
Life is about taking chances and you are ready to take yours.

Vip Client by suzukisan
Working in a peculiar club, JaeJoong never thought his first client would be his last.

We Come Right Round by waterpulse
“If a clock could count down to the moment you meet your soul mate, would you want to know?”

What If We Went to Italy by mormorando
he learns of addiction, want, and need in that order.
(+ remix version by kallistei here)

灯籠流し: Toro Nagashi by tvfxq
Yun Ho promised himself he would find the boy who had taken his heart, and he would do whatever it would take – even if it meant finding him again in another life.



Arete by broken_ephemera
What if all we needed to be perfect were each other?

Come Daylight by elles_letters
Yunho is an orphaned servant who wishes to see the world. Jaejoong is the crown prince who wants to escape the trappings of royalty. Neither of them know that what they are looking for is each other.

Extra Special by chocodip
Yunho’s been in-love with him for as long as he can remember. Yoochun has a brilliant way of getting the attention of the university’s apple-of-the-eye, Kim Jaejoong.

Fortune Parlor by countingcr0ws
Jaejoong has a prophetic mother, and he struggles to uncover whether he loves Yunho for who he is, or simply because Yunho's the one at the end of his string of fate.

My precious baby love (part I, II) by pabogateunfish
Jaejoong is a single parent to his 17 year old son, Junsu. Believing that his son is a sweet and naïve teen, he receives the surprise of his life when Junsu announces one day that he is gay. An incident in the bedroom involving the young couple forced Jae to meet Yunho, the stepfather of his son’s supposed aficionado. And who's Changmin in the story?

My public enemy by ms_ravishing (+ side story)
Jaejoong always wondering as to why a little boy called Jung Yunho, who is his best friend's little brother, always glared at him and rude to him.

The perks of being a sunflower by yunjae_mochichi
When they finally did it, Yunho said he loved Jaejoong. Then he started to cry. No matter what Jaejoong did, Yunho kept crying, saying that his dad will kill him and that he was going to Hell. Jaejoong pulled Yunho's pants up. "Just pretend you're passed out" He told him and walked out of the room, crying as well. He went back to the party from a different direction so nobody would know. Nobody could know.

The Widower by shizukanai
After his wife disappears without a single trace, Jung Yunho is being accused of having harmed her by his very own mother-in-law. Detectives Park Yoochun and Kim Jaejoong are being assigned to take over the case and find themselves uncovering bit by bit of Yunho's grotesque marriage life as the black veil protecting the ugly facades of the rich's world becomes more transparent.

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